Flower Swirls Lace Necklace DIY Tutorial

Flower Swirls Lace Necklace

Materials Required
3x large metallic flower w/rhinestones
6x jump rings antique brass
6x 4mm bicones metallic bronze
12x flat dime beads Czech glass black
18x eye pins antique brass
5cm x Figaro chain antique brass
1x lobster clasp antique brass

Tools Required
Screw Punch
chain nose pliers
wire cutters & round nose pliers


1. With the large metallic flowers punch a hole in the sides of them.

2. Attach the flowers together to make the trio with the jump rings.

3. Thread the beads onto the eye pins individually. Trim all 1cm from the end.

4. Turn the eye pins into eyes and then attach the dime beads into segments of 4.
Attach onto the sides of the flower center. Then you need to attach the clasp & chain
on the end to complete!