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1pc hexagon locket antique brass w/rhinestone 1pc locket brass buble small 10x15mm 1pc antique silver filigree round locket 25mm
1pc antique brass filigree round locket 25mm 2pc antique brass love you locket 1pc locket brass snow white 26x15mm
2pc locket brass shell 20x25mm 1pc locket brass envelope with scroll 22x15mm 1pc locket brass strawberry 30x25mm
1pc antique brass locket flower design 45mm 1pc strawberry locket enamel silver 20x15mm 1pc locket silver plated bible large 40x26mm
1pc gold plated rhinestone heart locket 1pc locket brass folding locket 35x20mm 3pc diamond teardrop locket set nickel black 10-20mm
3pc antique brass heart locket set 3pc heart locket set silver plated