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100pc glass mini chips pink 2pc wooden 2 strand bars red 15pc 8x4mm Glass Rectangle Tubes Cobalt Blue
10pc Glass Tubes 10x4mm Olive Green 10pc 10x4mm Glass Tubes Topaz Clear Mix 15pc 10x4mm Glass Tubes Dark Purple
15pc 10x4mm Glass Tubes Light Purple 15pc 10x4mm Glass Tubes Black 10pc oval drops czech glass sapphire blue 10x6mm
15pc czech glass tubes rosaline blue 14x4mm 10pc czech glass rubes 14x4mm amethyst mix 15pc czech glass tubes black diamond 14x4mm
2pc mother of pearl long rectangles pink 10pc czech glass ovals jonquil teal 12x6mm 25pc 6mm crow beads black matte
10pc 14x4mm Glass Tubes Aquamarine Matte AB 10pc 12mm Glass Faceted Coin Aquamarine Blue 10pc 10mm Czech Glass Puffed Rounds Aquamarine Blue
10pc Olive Green Black Stripe Assorted Glass Beads 15pc Glass Ovals Green Purple 10pc 15x10mm Glass Ovals Dark Topaz Mix
10pc 20x6mm Glass Ovals Dark Brown Opaque 10pc 20x6mm Glass Tubes Smokey Topaz 10pc 10mm Glass Nugget Topaz AB
10pc Assorted Indian Glass Swirls 20pc 10mm Glass Ovals Orange Black 10pc 10mm Glass Ovals Red
10pc Indian Glass Ovals Tanzanite Purple 10pc 10mm Swirl Glass Nugget Dark Purple 10pc 8mm Nugget Assorted Purple